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The San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy’s $10 Conservancy Hero campaign offers the opportunity to support the preservation, protection, and sharing of the natural and cultural resources of the San Dieguito River Valley.

By donating $10 per month, your contribution, collectively with other Conservancy Heros, will help the Conservancy in manage lands, help to complete the 71-mile planned Coast to Crest Trails between Del Mar and Julian, restore habitats, and offer educational and recreational programs for all ages.


This campaign highlights the transformative impact of small, monthly donations that collectively create a powerful force for the betterment of San Dieguito River Valley and its surrounding open spaces and the Coast to Crest Trail. By pledging just $10 per month, you become a vital part of the Conservancy’s mission to preserve, protect, and enhance the natural beauty and ecological health of the San Dieguito River Valley. Your contribution will enable us to:

  • Expand Education and Recreation Programs: Your support will help us provide engaging and informative programs for all ages, fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world and inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards.

  • Maintain and Manage Open Space Lands: Your monthly donation will ensure that the Conservancy can continue to maintain and manage open space lands within the San Dieguito River watershed, preserving the area’s unique ecosystems and habitats.

  • Enhance Public Access and Amenities: Your contribution will help us improve and expand access to the park, making it more enjoyable and accessible for all visitors by partnering with the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority to ensure the completion of the 71-mile Coast to Crest Trail.

  • Promote Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship: Your monthly donation will enable us to continue our efforts to promote sustainable practices throughout the river valley.

By joining the $10 Conservancy Hero campaign, you will become part of a dedicated community of individuals who share a passion for preserving and protecting the San Dieguito River Valley. Your small monthly donation will have a significant impact, helping us to achieve our goals and ensuring that the San Dieguito River Park remains a cherished resource for generations to come. Join the $10 Conservancy Hero campaign today and become a part of the solution. Together, we can create a brighter sustainable future for the San Dieguito River Valley.

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