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Escondido Explorers Program Needs You!

Escondido Explorers Program is a free outdoor education program that provides middle and high school students an opportunity to travel and experience different locations in the San Dieguito Watershed. Each site focuses on a different theme providing a unique opportunity for students to experience and learn about the many facets of the watershed from the natural world to its history and cultural significance. As they experience the outdoors, students develop a “sense of place” and appreciation for the environment — recognizing they play a role in preserving and protecting the natural and cultural resources of the watershed.

Escondido Explorers is a “passport” style program that begins at the Escondido Public Library and takes students on a journey of the San Dieguito Watershed through a series of five separate field trips to the following sites:

  1. Volcan Mountain

  2. SD Archaeology Center

  3. Sikes Adobe

  4. Lake Hodges

  5. San Dieguito Lagoon

Watershed Educators are volunteers who help program participants develop a sense of place, appreciation for and understanding of the San Dieguito Watershed by assisting in running Escondido Explorers Program site visits. Most programs will be 3-4 hours long on weekend and week days. Volunteers will have their choice of sites/activities they support. Watershed Educators will:

  1. Create a welcoming and safe environment for visiting groups by greeting and orienting students, communicating safety rules and behavior expectations, and ensuring student compliance with the help of chaperones and as directed by the site lead.

  2. Support the educational goals of the program by preparing and delivering planned and impromptu lessons/interpretation during guided hikes and activity stations.

  3. Maintain activity station and program supplies by organizing, inventorying, distributing, and supervising the use of props and materials.

  4. Develop the Watershed Explorers Program by providing feedback and recommendations on curriculum and procedures.

Volunteers must be able to pass a background check, complete an orientation and training sessions.

Are you interested in volunteering? Contact Sr. Interpretive Ranger Leana Bulay:

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