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Donors Receive Gifts of Glass Art

Updated: Mar 26

Our Campaign for Del Dios, which raised nearly $350,000 for the Conservancy to purchase 117 acres near Lake Hodges, prompted great generosity.

A local artist is returning the favor.

Cherrie La Porte, a glass artist who lives and works in the lakefront hamlet of Del Dios, presented gift certificates to major donors. The donors have since visited La Porte’s studio to collect some of her colorful creations.

“This one was dear to my heart,” La Porte said of the campaign that raised more than $350,000 to preserve 117 acres in the scrubby hills near her home. “I just thought I would like to give something to the donors.”

The gifts are expressions of the artistry La Porte has developed over nearly 30 years. Fused glass, stained glass, mosaic glass — she works in all of it and all of it is on display among the boulders, oaks, native plants and succulents that fill the grounds of her sloping property.

Radiating among the gardens are sculptures of dichroic glass, which show different colors when viewed from different directions.

Kinetic sculptures (the kind that move) hang on chains from oak branches.

The oranges and reds of a framed sheet of stained glass seem to bloom from the garden like spring flowers.

Old surfboards provide a favorite canvas for creations with names like Come Together, Copper Sun, Joy Soul and Wave Ride. Through the years, La Porte has made dozens of mosaic surfboards. She finished three of them during COVID-19. In some circles, La Porte is known as The Surfboard Lady.

Contact her at 760-500-8707 or Her website address is

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